Hermes Thames Meander Marathon – Nov 16

The Thames Meander Marathon is held three times a year.  I jumped on the band wagon too late so this was the 3rd race of the year.  The route starts at Kingston out on the Thames towards Barnes and back.  A half marathon is also available.  Nice and scenic and a fast course for those looking for times.  For my purposes this was my 14th official Marathon.

The aid stations are well stocked with generous goodies to keep you going.  It gets a bit crowded around Richmond along the Thames with pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers but this is only a 1mile section.

Not much really happened during this one to report apart from the last aid station on the way back into Kingston.

I recognised a long haired middle aged chap who I had seen at Chelmsford and Phoenix before.  This must have been about mile 22 and I was struggling so we started chatting.  My initial impression was that he had been on the circuit or quite experienced.  He definitely looked the part of a multi marathon runner.

Turns out he was pretty much in the same boat as me, enjoying multi marathons and racking up the numbers travelling up and down the country.  We exchanged pleasantries but I was holding him back so off he went.

Writing this retrospectively at the time I had no idea I would run around 40 plus marathons with this chap in the upcoming year and share many stories.  His name.  Craig Lovelock.  Check him out, he has his own page and has raised loads of money for a Hospice.  He has achieved over 130 marathons in a year and is still on the circuit.

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