Phoenix – Night Phoenix – Sept 2016

Firstly its two boys!!!  Father of two little lads, Theodore and George.  Born at 34 weeks some considerable time had to be spent in the Epsom special care unit.  Looking back at it this was the best place for them and us!  The midwifes essential trained my Wife and I on how the feed, bathe, change nappies and comfort these tiny tots.

On the 10th day of them being in Special Care I had a race in the diary and rather stupidly after a full on 10 days decided to attend!

This was the first time I was to be acquainted with Phoenix Running and for 100 marathon club purposes was #10.

The route is in Walton on Thames and is 8 out and back laps from the Wier pub to the turn around point and back.

I had told Alex that I would get the race done and be back in time to collect her from the hospital after the boys last feed. Big Mistake!

I went out far too fast with next to no nutrition on board and proceeded to finish as quick as possible.  Lap 7 came, my stomach flipped and bought me to a halt.  This had only ever happend to me at the end of my first two marathons and I enter a state of total melt down.  My body does not want to take on fuel but this is the only thing it needs to get me out of the rut.  The thoughts that go through my head range from – shit, not going to make the hospital, do I need to admit myself to hospital? can i make myself sick? why do my genitals feel on fire?!!!

Anyhow, I crawled to the finish line in my worst ever marathon time recorded.  Mum picked Alex up from the hospital.  Tough day but some lessons learnt.

The set up at Phoenix is great.  Runners can tap out after any lap and still be a finisher and get a ridiculous sized medal.   An aid station is at the start of each lap and the local leisure center is available for showers after.  Definitely worth looking into if you are training for a specific distance or like medals!!


Respect the marathon distance.  A lot can go wrong in 26.2 miles if you don’t race smart.

Don’t plan any appointments shortly after – you may not always make them!

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