Chelmsford Marathon Oct 2016

Early start today as I got in the Peugot 107.  Having given up my car for the twins I now had the luxury of a 0.99cc engine, no aircon and a tin pot sound system.  I’m not complaining.  This bad boy is cheap to run, hardly any road tax and a trusty steed for escorting me round the country to each marathon.

Today a drive to the center of Essex, Chelmsford.  This is classed as a road run and current 100marathon club rules state that 10 of your 100 marathons must be “road” marathons, so here I am for road marathon number 3 and number 13 in total.

At the start I get my race number and look around the park to see a few familiar faces from Phoenix.

Chelmsford starts in the town center around some local roads before heading out into the country and tbh a rather scenic and pleasant route.  No headphones allowed today so instead of music I have nursery rhymes going round in my head that make up the soundtrack of my home life.  Not ideal but hey “Mary had a little lamb” was taking my mind off some of the more hillier sections of this course (of which there are a few).

After becoming quite accustomed to lapped marathons it was a bit of a treat to have a 26.2mile loop to run.  Not knowing the course or what nutrition was available on the route once again the Camel back ultra 4 race vest accompanied me stocked with bits and pieces.

I had never started a marathon so tired.  Sleep deprived for 6ish weeks I thought it would be a miracle if I got round in one piece.  Alex and I are still in ‘survival’ mode living off the Adrenalin

Back from Chelmsford

 created by either of the pups when we hear a noise in the night.  God its tough!!!

Anyhow, Chelmsford, nice course, undulating but would recommend for a road marathon.  Predominantly coke and jelly babies on offer at aid stops but coke is well appreciated!

3:59 was today’s time, running round like a zombie.


Held in October its cold at the start.  Wrap up warm and dump your drop bag / cloths just before the start which is a small walk.

If you cant sustain a marathon on just jelly babies and coke carry a race vest.

Free parking on local roads

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