Luna-tic marathon – July 2016

After Race to the Stones I had one more Ultra planned.  As a training run I signed up to the Luna-tic marathon.  This is an evening marathon starting at 8pm which is three laps of a circuit along the river Adur down in Shoreham.

It is the first night marathon I have ran and to be honest I found the experience rather spooky and hard on the feet.  Running along the rutted river bed at silly o’clock only being able to see a few yards in front of your head torch is not pleasant.  I had invested in one of the poorest quality headlamps known to man.

On the first lap I fully submerged my foot into the bog of the river.  This was going to be a long day at the office. Surprisingly the blisters and chaffing never came which was a relief and  I finished just gone midnight and was back at home on the foam roller by 1:30am.

The race is organised by Sussex Trail Events and is one of four marathons that make up their river series.

I think with a little more experience points under my belt I would run this again.  Whilst flat the hard and rutted bank of the river makes for some challenging running.


Run with others at night.  It make the miles a little easier

Invest in a good head torch


Luna-tic Marathon.2
Starting lap 2

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