Woldingham Marathon August 2016

Woldingham School – Start/Finish line

#9 – Woldingham Marathon August 2016


The idea of running 100 marathons was now out of the box, a reality and something I was going to try and achieve.  The search for marathon events up and down the country had begun, so when I found this one just off junction 6 of the M25  I jumped at the chance.  The course is two laps that take in the grounds of the very posh Woldingham school and the North Downs Way national trail.  A trail I would become very familiar with over the course of the 100 marathons.  Not for the faint hearted this marathon is a toughy with a fair few hills.  A half marathon option is also available

I have been asked why my marathon times vary so much. It’s simple – some are more challenging than others.  For Woldingham I finished in 12th place with a 4:42. A long way off my PB of 3:11 but this only shows how vertical some of the sections are on this course.

I would definitely run this one again and only didn’t in 2017 as I was running Guernsey.  Well stocked aid stations, friendly atmosphere and a scenic route.

Back at home this was our first week of National Childbirth Trust classes (NCT). Essentially a course about pre-birth tips with a fee of £200.

We had essentially gone down the road of NCT to pay to meet others who we hoped were also there to meet others rather than get the text books out and learn birthing techniques.

Anyone recently finishing a marathon will know of the undying desire to let as many people know as possible of your recent achievement.  It’s a feeling I have now learnt to repress, unless someone asks I won’t bring it up.   However when the NCT course leader describes the pain of childbirth as the equivalent of running a marathon I had to say something (having ran one 48hrs previously).  As I drew breath to make the announcement I received a sharp jab to the ribs from my wife’s elbow.  It didn’t stop me.  Car ride home was one of those many couples will have experienced, usually after dinner parties or weddings.

It paid off though.  Turns out one of the other dads had in a previous life ran the London marathon.  He and his wife were avid park runners so we had something in common and as it turned out most of the dads in that first session received an obligatory jab from their better halves at some stage of the session for trying to be smart.  It’s an alpha male thing.



Try to repress the urge to talk marathons at any given opportunity.  (The right time will come)

Walk the hills

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